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Āut is a non-conformist protocol, willing to rethink the way things are done, and with the ambition to grow and improve both through its team and its community.

Through these concepts, this non-conformist identity is born, unwilling to follow the established path, and serving as a foundation for all the DAOs that share this mentality that a more democratic, decentralized, and innovative world is possible.

We are the glitch.

Color, typography & architecture

The digital and disruptive nature of Āut leads us to choose a vibrant and electric blue as the brand color. A strong and vibrant color that emerges like a light.

Typography is another key element of the brand, as it helps reinforce the disruptive character of the brand through its atypical and angular shapes. Additionally, its different weights also help us create hierarchy among the different sub-brands/products.

The cut.

The Cut es el el elemento atómico central de Āut, representa su identidad y su posicionamiento condensados en una acción disruptiva, no conformista.

Evolution is not just breaking throughout the past, but also ripping it to let in the fresh light, bringing new ideas and innovative approaches.

All this elements are translated to the web, to create a powerful environment for the DAO