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One-of-a-kind NFT collection drop to hire FLOC‘​ s design services


In the last months we at FLOC* have started experimenting on several of the blockchain technologies and environments we see our customers are either interacting or making business with. The aim at FLOC* is to transcend the involvement on the blockchain projects solely from the design perspective to develop projects as a means to learn on the way. While some of the initiatives are soon to be fully released, we are ready to embrace yet a new challenge being the first to provide our design services via NFT drops.

FLOC* is the first to provide design services via NFT drops.

Since its inception, FLOC* has been providing design strategy leadership to crypto start-ups such as​ ​MetaFactory​,​ ​CryptoBirds​,​ ​Coinuma​,​ ​Watafan​ amongst many others. A never-stop learning, experimenting, and popularising attitude through these involvements allows continuous delving into DeFi (Decentralised Finance), DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations), NFT (Non Fungible Tokens), the Social Tokens, or the Metaverse.

Such a natural step at FLOC* to blend these opportunities into a cutting-edge offering: being the first one to provide design services sold along an NFT. Both the services and the NFT have the same features of uniqueness, scarcity, and ownership yet crafting them both into a fully embodied object propels the possibilities of having at once the service delivery assurance contract, ownership of crypto-art collection piece, rights for exclusive content access, and services, and offerings in the future to NFT holders, not even to mention the $BIRRA​ (FLOC*’s social token) giveaway.

Services and NFT are the two sides of the same token: uniqueness, scarcity, and ownership.

NFT holders have extra features such as access to exclusive content and a share of $BIRRA, FLOC*’s social token.

FLOC* makes a brave movement becoming the first to link professional services via Ethereum based NFTs providing a fully online and crypto-ready process. Four different NFT types are made available from March the 4th 2021 for a limited period on the first wave of PackFLOC* collection covering Branding, Digital Product, and Audiovisual deliveries: Adaptation, Discovery, Balance, and Motion.

  • Discovery​ focuses on Brand Strategy and Identity.
  • Balance​ targets the Website development along with its UX/UI design.
  • Motion​ provides a Video.
  • Adaptation​ is a one-of-a-kind complete pack that includes the aforementioned services in one go.

Several more packs are to be disclosed shortly to provide a wide variety of services for each of the needs the customers have.

Free Leaders on Collective (FLOC*) started over two years ago as a design studio with an innovative angle. Being all the involved savvy professional freelancers, the governance is completely decentralised, and cooperative is found at its heart while the freedom of each individual is fully preserved. The projects where FLOC*ers get involved are disruptive and so are the ways of collaborating and steering being extremely flexible and custom-fit to each of the assignments. Always a perfect match is found for each mission with extensive expertise in brand, and digital product design, project management, art direction, architecture just to name a few.

FLOC* is a professional freelancers’ decentralised collective teaming up to deliver the design boost needed for crypto start-ups.