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Work in progress or work in process has come to define our last year.
Everywhere we look we see construction sites.

While work in progress describes the costs of unfinished goods that remain in the manufacturing process, work in process on the other hand refers to materials that are turned into goods within a short period. What has changed in any business that is adapting to new consumer behaviours and thereby constructing new realities to offer our future, is that we no longer build to last. We build processes for progress. Everything is ever changeable, as it always has been, of course. But with the knowledge of change being constant, comes not only rights, but also responsibilities.

When nothing is ever completely finished, there has to be consensus about where to stop. Where to put the milestones, when to send the invoice. For to be able to continue the work. We as constructors of Web3 and designers of the Metaverse are learning this the hard way. The sense of responsibility can be crippling, regardless if you are an artist, or engineer. Everything can always be improved they say, let’s not forget the processes as we are at it, we say. Just as any muscle needs rest in between workouts, end results need to land, and be evaluated according to their market performance. In new times, one has to be willing to deep dive into the unknown or at least not be afraid of bold experiments.

In our effort to show how end results can find themselves in evolving processes we have decided to share some of our case studies. We don’t have many one hit jobs, just as we don’t call the teams we work with clients. Why would we when we are in the midst of a revolutionary change in society? Our monetary system as we have known it is under a well deserved threat, and as we are enablers of all things new, old words and worlds just don’t cut it anymore. We see people. We see allies and visionaries. We align ourselves with those that truly want to do the work with us, and we distant ourselves from those who merely want to put an order, and passively wait for an unmoving result.

What we do for our crypto startups might seem confusing for non native cryptonians but we are here to answer any questions you might have, and maybe even offer you guidance if that’s what you need. But first things first, take a look at just a few case studies we have put together here.

#WorkInProcess #WorkInProcess


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Discovering the next gems

Henri Cartier Bensson said,

For the world is movement, and you cannot be stationary in your attitude towards something that is moving.

As members of an ecosystem we pride ourselves in never being completely finished. There will always come new, and we are well prepared.

If you are curious about more stuff we definitely recommend you to join our discord community, we are lovely people!