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Cardumen Capital is a European alternative investment management company that seeks investors and creates funds to respond to specific opportunities. Its focus is on teams and people. The union of great professionals and its look towards the future of technology are its main identity traits.

You make us dream, we make you think. Together we bring the future into the present. Our community, our strength.

To foster the growth of leaders who will change the world.

The purpose of the brand is focused on giving prominence to visionaries, those people who are the leaders of change. The following values were established: radical collaboration, creative diversity, intellectual honesty and focus on legacy. With these pillars we seek to complete the brand strategy by building a competitive advantage based on the power of driving ideas to bring the future into the present.

Accelerating innovation hand in hand of entrepreneurs.

To define the identity we were directly inspired by the union and movement of the shoal. This fluidity and dynamism was transferred to the visual system through the synthesis of shapes. The logo had to have strength and speed in reference to technology. The symbol represents the connection between investors and entrepreneurs. A double “C” that breaks with the ascending diagonal. A break that severed the relationship between past and future.