Co-Creating a Socialverse full of inner worlds


  • Brand3 Strategy
  • Brand3 Identity
  • Social Content
  • 3D Illustration
  • UX / UI
  • NFT Design






COCOBAY is a new Metaverse is construction that wants to give power to the community. A challenge to the limits of the established that allows you to express through your inner world endless possibilities. Each island is a land where you can co-create everything you can imagine and share it with the rest of the users. Because we all have an inner world to share. In COCOBAY you will not only have the possibility to express it and open it to the public, but people will be able to interact with you in your world, just as you will be able to explore what others have inside.

Brand3 methodology to involve the community in the brand co-creation process.

Inspired by the “Overview Effect”

COCOBAY provides a digital, social, infinite space where everything revolves around connecting with our human side. Where there are no physical, social or economic barriers. Where you can give life to your inner world, let others enter and be part of others.

The Social Metaverse that offers free islands and where you choose

We play from nostalgia, design our color palette in a limitless space and reprogram your real inner self.


We created a way to create brand loyalty through a launch of NFTs with PFPs of our mascot. COCOS are the key to start co-creating the Socialverse and they are also the representation of the user. The first drop of 1010 units has achieved Sold Out in 90 minutes. Get your COCO!

We designed a user-friendly minting flow to boost creators in Web3 adoption.