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Creating Fun Realitiesfrom the Metaverse


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Hailing and forked from MetaCartel, MetaFactory approached FLOC* to help brand its community idea and market place with a commercial goods manufacturing business with a new visual identity. As they enter a new phase of growth, MetaFactory is looking to expand its operations from producing artist-designed consumer digital goods to companies to a fully-fledged consumer-facing brand with a strong local presence in its founding city.

The Evolution of Culture and Fashion in a digital-first world. Collectively owned and managed. Collaborative and Composable.

Connection and cooperation to achieve enjoyment

The new MF identifer is inspired by urban brands using a dynamic symbol placed on the upper left side creating a compressed infinite sign built by two boxes. These squares are two dynamic containers that change and adapt to the communication needs and creating an emerging space where everything that could happen across an adjusting grid, will happen.

We created an engaging bilingual identity

Mixes design sophistication with a vibrant sensibility.
The bold and playful wordmark is paired with an icon that celebrates the company’s beginnings in manufacturing fans, standing out equally on the façade of their newly built headquarters or viewed through a smartphone. The typographic system contrasts contemporary American Gothic typefaces with the calligraphy of a traditional Japanese script. A classic palette of black and white mixes in a screen-friendly blue that is a modern take on their old palette — a confident colour for a company looking to capture the attention of a new audience.