Shirtum x

Rediscover Football


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Design
  • Digital Product
  • Social content
  • Motion content





Shirtum came to us with the idea of building a global marketplace for digital football stories and content as NFT assets. The network needed a brand identity to become the best blockchain platform for soccer enthusiasts. Our main objective was to coordinate the ICO launch strategy, filling every verbal and visual communication with the essence of the sport. Accessibility, simplicity, and ownership were crucial in creating a dynamic user interface.

Keep the flame alive

A new emblem to remember

A shield that aims to encompass the feeling of belonging, to create a symbol that focuses the attention of the fans and a sign of identity ($HI) as a chant that echoes throughout the crypto world.

The game beyond the pitch

The players are the protagonists of the other game, the one where they play to share with the fans the stories behind the scenes. A direct connection between them to collect exclusive memories of their idols.