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Tutellus is a startup that began over 10 years ago with the mission to change the way we learn. It was one of the first companies to recognize the power of Web3 to empower users and reward the efforts of both teachers and students through the TUT token. Its evolution and exploration across all aspects of the crypto ecosystem has expanded its different business models. As a result, they were no longer just a learning platform and had to embark on a new journey to reconnect with themselves and their community through brand strategy.

The hero’s journey (Monomyth) has been our reference for building their new brand platform and identity.

Let’s Move Ideas

Tutellus constantly moves forward to face new adventures. On this journey, they are always accompanied by their community. Inspiration from the world of adventures, transportation and mobility has been key to structuring their discourse and new narrative. The collaborative adventure experience where Tutellus is your best travel companion.

The new brand architecture is based on three pillars: Education, Ventures, and Builders. For the main brand, we will use the full color range, while for each sub-brand, we will use one of the colors and specific shapes in their communication system.

TUT: Tutellus Unlimited Travels. Giving meaning to their token, a vehicle to achieve the goals of travel companions.

Empowering the ecosystem of realities

At the layout and communication system level, we give vital importance to messages, anchoring them with inspiring and evocative images. We are Crypto, but above all, we are a human group.

Because our vision is to keep moving forward

At the digital product level, the idea was to translate the brand strategy into the website navigation. The idea was to simulate the lateral journey we make when traveling and inspire users through content and shapes that project direct headlines, images in geometries, pleasant colors, and animated stickers that convey the soul of the brand.

Empowered by Tutellus

We boost students, entrepreneurs, and builders, so we need to strengthen our bond. We designed various merchandising pieces to connect at each event, bootcamp, or conference. Activate the magnetism of the brand to accompany us on this adventure.

Choose your team!

The fun of always improving is present at Tutellus. One of the most innovative launches was the Launchpad. For this, we created illustrations related to three types of archetypes and linked to major figures in the crypto ecosystem. Can you guess who they are?